Food Styling – What Your Brand Needs to Know

Whether you’re promoting a fancy new recipe, showing off your restaurant’s signature dish, or extolling the virtues of some exotic ingredient, there’s just one rule in food branding: it has to look good. Food, more than almost any other commodity, can virtually sell itself, simply by making the audience’s mouth water until they want whatever’s […]

What Food Trends Millennials Have an Appetite For

Are you up on the latest food trends? Is Cajun cooking more popular this year, or is it Szechwan? A lot of food websites will tell you exactly what it is that millennials are craving this week. And often, by next week, that will have changed to something else. How are you supposed to keep […]

Video Storytelling – Giving Your Branded Video Emotion

Emotions are powerful things. If you really want to have an impact with your video marketing campaign, then your most effective tactic is to take control of your viewers’ emotions, if only for a moment, and evoke a specific feeling in them. If you can create video storytelling that builds emotion, then you can get your audience more […]

Visual Storytelling – Does Branded Video Really Work in Marketing?

If you’re serious about marketing success, than you’re constantly on the lookout for new content ideas that boost engagement with your audience. You’ve got a blog that you post to regularly, and you’ve created a few e-books and white papers. But if you really want to be at the forefront of brand storytelling, then there’s […]

Rocket Man Digital Fuels Student Hackathon

Rocket Man Digital believes in encouraging young people, passionate about technology, to push the boundaries of the digital universe. So when Luke Igel, a junior at Providence Academy in Plymouth, Minnesota, approached me for a hand last month, I was eager to help. Luke, and William Walcher, a senior at Providence, have participated in past […]

Storytelling Like Your Market Has Never Seen Before

Many people think that marketing and branding are about creating an image: the Nike swoosh, the McDonald’s golden arches… something simple, that your customers can instantly associate with your brand. But an image is only part of it. What really matters is the story behind the image. What do people think of when they see […]

9 Steps to Creating a Content Machine That Delivers Results

It’s clear that content marketing is one of the most effective methods of brand promotion you can adopt. You’ve seen the potential that high quality content has to yield incredible results, in terms of website traffic, lead generation, and ultimately conversion to sales. But even so, “content marketing” isn’t some magic spell that you can […]

Award-Winning Content Marketing Campaigns That Work

How do you define success in content marketing? The main tenets are things like increased web traffic, more leads, and ultimately higher sales. But every so often, a campaign comes along that really stands out and deserves recognition. This is what led to the creation of the Content Marketing Awards. Every year, they honor new […]

What Brand Lifestyle Content Looks Like

These days, every brand is implementing some form of content marketing into their brand promotion strategy. From multinational corporations to microbusinesses, most brands connect with their audience on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, a YouTube channel or blog. It’s obvious that content marketing is the way to communicate with your customers. But the question is, with all that content out there, […]

How to Make A Difference in Your Customers’ World.

Any time you interact with a customer, you’re not just selling them a product. You’re providing them with an experience. And that experience is an important factor in their decision of whether or not to buy from you. With that in mind, if you really want not only to get new customers, but to keep […]