Visual Storytelling – Does Branded Video Really Work in Marketing?

If you’re serious about marketing success, than you’re constantly on the lookout for new content ideas that boost engagement with your audience. You’ve got a blog that you post to regularly, and you’ve created a few e-books and white papers. But if you really want to be at the forefront of brand storytelling, then there’s nothing more engaging than branded videos. A dedicated YouTube channel and video creation team for your brand can do wonders to help communicate your message quickly and effectively to your audience. Here’s a brief guide for how to use video storytelling in marketing.

Create a Series

One of your main goals in brand promotion is to capture your audience’s attention and get them to want more. And perhaps the best way to do this in video is with an ongoing series. Create a character that your audience can like and identify with, who can take them on a journey.

A few years ago, Old Spice did this with their campaign, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. After a couple of successful TV commercials, they launched a massive YouTube campaign, wherein the actor, Isaiah Mustafa, responded to dozens of reader questions and comments in silly, hilarious videos. In addition to a plethora of regular viewers, responses came in from celebrities, other brands, and more. The campaign only lasted a few days, but by the end, the entire nation was captivated


Your own videos might not be able to reach that level of saturation, but you can certainly use a video series to attract attention. With an engaging character and the promise of more videos to come, you’ll pique your audience’s interest and have them wanting to come back for the next one and the next. All the while, you’re building up a positive image for your brand in their minds, making it more likely that they’ll think of you when they’re looking for products or services in your field.

Go Behind the Scenes

How does your company do what it does? Is there an interesting story there? Are there interesting people working for you, that your audience would enjoy meeting? Create a series of videos that show an exclusive, inside at your company and its goings-on.

If you’ve got a successful video series, as mentioned above, then you could also take your viewers behind the scenes of that. Interview your actors, show a writers’ meeting brainstorming new ideas… People love to feel like they’re getting a look behind the curtain. It gives them more of a connection to you and what you do. And it’s a great way of telling your brand’s story with branded video and getting them invested in it.


Who else in your field, or a related field, is making videos similar to yours? Get in touch with them and ask if they’d be open to doing a video or two together. Have them as a guest on your channel, and you’ll in turn be a guest on theirs. This is a great opportunity for both of you to expand your viewership. Their existing audience will get a glimpse of you and what you do, and hopefully be curious to learn more. You’ve already got an endorsement from someone they know and trust, so building a connection with them is that much easier. And you can in turn help them boost their audience the same way, making it a win for both of you.

These are just a few of the ways that video storytelling can allow you to build up your brand and engage with your audience. What are some ways that branded video can help you promote your company and spread the word about what you do?

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